Lundell Farms

One great pleasure in life is watching people talk about something they are passionate about. That thing that gets them out of bed in the morning, the thing that lights up their eyes, the thing that’s hard work but worth every moment spent on it. The thing that’s close to their hearts and they want to share with everyone around them.

That is exactly what I saw when my family and I visited Lundell Farms yesterday, which is just south of Whitehall in North Muskegon. Lori and John have such a passion and dedication for raising and growing the best quality foods they can, and proof of this is not just in their words but in their actions. We saw first hand how well they treat their animals, from the green house where they grow their own fodder to provide nutrient dense greens to their animals, to their awesome dog/farm hand Ranger who guards “his” animals with tremendous dedication (You can see his attentiveness in the photo below. He wasn’t taking his eyes off those small humans running around, just in case).


Lundell Farms started with Lori and John wanting to grow and raise healthy, nutrient rich food for themselves. Slowly, they added on to their farm, clearing the woods to make way for a barn, pasture for their animals, and a garden for fruits and vegetables. John even planed some of the trees he cleared to use in the construction of their barn. In talking to Lori, I appreciated her honesty about how they care for their animals every step of the way to ensure not only the best quality meats for their customers, but also to ensure their animals live a healthy and happy life each day on the farm.


Lundell Farms believes in being good stewards to the land. For this reason, they grow their produce without using synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers, making certain they can offer their customers high quality foods that are not only good for your health, but also good for Mother Nature. (Read more below and at the Lundell Farms website).

All of our produce is raised organically.  We start the natural process by being stewards to the land.  We continually work to improve our soil with organic matter.  On all of our property we refrain from using any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  We spend plenty of hours weeding!  We compost the manure from our animals and use that as soil builder and fertilizer.  Our produce is started by using a majority of heirloom seeds from varieties that have been handed down for generations.  Heirloom varieties are never Genetically Modified and are known for their exceptional flavor.  They do not always look perfect like what you may be used to in the grocery store, but once you taste them, you will see why we believe heirloom is the way to go!
These are the practices that, we believe, gives our product a superior quality and flavor.

Before we left, Lori showed me the seedlings she is growing in their greenhouse, awaiting the arrival of spring and their new life in the garden. For customers who believe in what the Lundell’s do, Lundell Farms offers a CSA Program, which lasts 18 weeks and offers customers a portion of their wonderful produce each week for as little as around $20 a week for a family of four or $11 a week for a family of two. Read more about what they offer their CSA customers on their website. Lundell Farms also offers pork, lamb, turkey, chicken and eggs. Check out their website for more information on ordering meat from their farm.

My family and I enjoyed our visit to Lundell farms, so much so that my boys did not want to leave; they were having too much fun learning about the animals and stomping in the mud puddles. We look forward to returning this spring and summer to enjoy the delicious goodness available for purchase from Lundell Farms. Until then, thanks, Lundell’s for sharing your beautiful farm with us!




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